Leadership Updates

Garry Kentzell the founder and President of NNZCC step down from the leadership role in September 2016.  In his place the Board selected Dave Perdue to fill the President’s position until the next club elections in 2017.  The Board also selected Eric Howe to fill the vacant Vice Presidents position.  After a member search for candidates to fill the vacant Secretary position and the newly created Treasurer position, the Board selected Jerry Schumacher as Secretary and Vaughn Yost as Treasurer.  Both Jerry and Vaughn are founding club members.  Garry will continue to serve on the Board in the Founders position and use his experience and good judgement to help guide the club.  Three positions are open and/or temporary filled by another board member (*).  Qualified candidates are need to fill them as well.

Elections for all Board Positions will be held in the fall of 2017, so if you are interested be sure to get involved and get your name submitted to the ballet in the fall.

Current NNZCC Leadership

President: Dave Perdue

Vice President: Eic Howe

Secretary: Jerry Schumacher

Treasurer: Vaughn Yost

Sergeant of Arms:  Jesse Feliciano

* Activities Director:  Dave Perdue

* Membership/Community Relations Director: Eric Howe

* Media/Communications Director: Vacant

Founder: Garry Kentzell