Membership Dues Time

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to officially join NNZCC and pay the small membership dues.  During the last year we have formalized the club by making it into a non-profit corporation. Doing this allows us to collect money in dues from members and in contributions from sponsors, but it also costs a little bit, too. Dues are do January 1st, but will be accepted late.  You can download the form and mail it and a check or complete the online membership form and then send us a check for $20 (or pay Board Member in cash)

 The dues go to operating the club; for the website name and hosting, a few office supplies, printing costs, bank fees, and for maintaining the Corporation.  These cost are several hundred dollars a year and spreading them across the group lets us keep the dues a very reasonable $20 a year. (This year the web was prepaid, so 2018 dues could see a slight increase when that budget is made).

Sponsor fees, and we have two so far, go to fun things for the club, such as the upcoming pizza meetup, members only drawings of prizes at selected club events, the year end BBQ, and other things.  To add to the current sponsors we’ll make a strong push for more sponsors, after the first of the year. 

 As  member:

You will have access to members discounts offered by online and local retailers to NNZCC members

You can participate in members only drawings at selected club meetups.

You will also be part of the ZCCA and have their benefits. (mainly discounts for their events and their sponsors discounts)


Our current sponsors are; Discount at 7450 S. Virginia St., and J.R. Schumacher at TransAction Reality. Please use them even if you don’t join us officially.

Go to the Documents Page and download the membership form below and mail it with dues to the address on the form, or bringing to our Bridge the Driving Gap Pizza meetup in late January. 

We are looking to a great driving year in 2017 and want you to join it

Dave Perdue

President NNZCC